Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day Disc Golf

I got out of the kitchen by the day after Christmas just in time to burn off some pie and show the dads Chico's finest disc golf course, Peregrine Point.  On the way, we saw a highway patrolman driving slowly in the opposite direction, attempting to prevent some loose cattle from entering the roadway.

The cattle must have come our way.

Watch out, Dad!

 They eventually got a moove-on, and so did we.

Bill threw a nice roller out of trouble on hole three.

 The canyon views at Peregrine are pretty nice.

Jon was stuck in a bush and could only pitch out for par.

Anonymous Discraft man.

Dad, Scott, and I all threw into this bush, which sucked.  But then we all managed to make the putt, so we were redeemed.

 Scott was upset enough about throwing into the bush that he flipped me off, but he was still able to smile because he saved par.

Jon and his dad, very close to where someone fell off the cliff earlier this summer.

Dad was not so close to the edge.

My drive on hole 9.  The only birdie I got that round.

Pooks putting.

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