Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Proud to Have a Villain in the Family

Tonight we attended the Sherwood Montessori Christmas show. No slipping out early for us- having a child in the youngest grade and another in the oldest grade. No matter, though, the show was entertaining, that quintessential mix of proud, embarrassing, and adorable moments.

Axel's class sang a song called "We Are the Mosaic" which was very cute.

Leah played the lead villain, Wolfgang, in Little Red Riding in the 'Hood. She is quite the budding actress, though I'm sure she'll kill me for writing that. Good thing she never reads my blog.

Axel looking handsome in his grey vest. He was nervous before the show so I told him to picture the audience in their underwear. He later reported that he did just that.

He loosened up talking with his blond classmate.

Here's Leah, ahem Wolfgang, before the show, in the green hoodie.

Wolfgang strutted around the stage and got several laughs from the audience. The other children are members of Wolfgang's gang.

We went out to Big Al's after the show for a late dinner. It was a real grease fest... I ordered tater tots from the secret menu and Leah got a side of mayonnaise the size of a child's soda.


robbin said...
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robbin said...

They both looked great.