Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Have Spokane

It has been at least 10 years since I last visited Washington state (I think it was for a mud-ridden cyclocross race with Jon in 2002). Since then the apples have remained delicious, the waterways are still majestic, and they legalized weed. I heard a joke that when Colorado and Washington legalized a few years back they were turning Idaho into a giant bong. Well, today we are headed for Idaho. We are driving to Sandpoint for my cousin Anna's wedding as I type this post!

We had a nice three day stay in Spokane, Washington. A really great city with scenic bike riding and lots of disc golf. I imagine as I travel what towns I would want to live in. Spokane seems promising.

A weed billboard with a Washington sunset.

Axel and I battled at the Jamboree disc golf course. I got him by one stroke in the end; I'll savor these last moments of being able to defeat him.  Pretty soon he will be out-driving me.

Axel also had the advantage of having discs he knows. Jon and I accidentally left the truck unlocked in SF last week and - disc golf bags stolen! We have ordered replacements sent to Sandpoint's RV park but in the meantime we are just playing with the extras we had laying around in the trailer.

Yesterday we played a round with Nancy, Stimpi, Rick, and Lesli at Downriver park. I met Nancy and Rick at King of the Lake in Tahoe this year and they said to call if I was ever in Spokane. So I did :) Once again disc golf has made us feel part of a real global family. It is so comforting to have friends on the road and this feeling overcomes any bummer bag-thieving.

Disc golf was not the only activity in Spokane. Axel and I went downtown to check out the river park. I did not go in this parking structure but really like its design. The Parkade!

We set off on a walk around town and found this.

Downtown hydro-electric plus lovely views.

We found a scenic gondola ride to hover right over Spokane Falls.

Axel ponders potential energy, kinetic energy, and where his next ice cream cone might be coming from. 

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