Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mountain Lion Addicted to Tranquilizers

High as a kite on his first dart, the lion runs, hoping for a second.

Playing his favorite bondage game - anticipating the rubber pellet session to come. This lion is a super-freak.

Our 2 year old mountain lion friend returned to the neighborhood where he was found last week, presumably for another tranquilizer fix. A photo of the lion, blacked out on barbiturates, can be seen in my previous post. Clearly he likes it and just keeps coming back for more. This is despite the fact that his pushers, after dosing him up, take him out back and shoot him with rubber pellets. This co-dependent relationship is unhealthy... and now they're strapping a GPS to him; he is no longer his own lion. Come on dude, clean up! Get out into the open space and have a nice deer. Stop lying under people's porches and feeding on raccoons.

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