Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tornadoes at the HART Crit

The HART crit was today (HART stands for Haulin' Ass Race Team- yeah, I know). The men's 1/2 field will be haulin' a** to stay in front of this:

Tornado 6 miles from the race site

The women 3/4's may have started the tornadoes with our ripping fast laps times. haha. I felt really bad today. Megan said that if you feel bad, attack! So I did. I won three primes then got dropped. There was a pretty big hill in this crit- not my favorite ;)

Seriously, though, as I type this, I think Jon is racing in a tornado warning. I took the kids and hightailed it out- luckily we took separate cars. Here is a map. The "A" is the race course and the x's are the tornado sightings we heard on the radio. We saw a small funnel cloud hovering to the southeast of the race course before we took off.

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